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Necessary Items For Testing

Please see below for the items that you will need as well as additional instructions for your testing day.

Adults 18 and over must Have:

- A valid permit for 30 days or longer (unless 30 days is waived by Secretary of State)

- A Valid Photo ID

Minors  17 years old or younger must have:
- A Level 1 License/Permit for 180 Days
- A completed Segment 2 Certificate
- A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the test form, and ride in the back seat for the test.

Minor Driving Log:  You Must present a Driving Hours Log to your examiner. It reports at least 50 hours of driving, including at least 10 hours at night.There is no standard form or format for the log. The driving log in the Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide (SOS–191) and the free mobile app RoadReady are the preferred formats, but any written or electronic format may be accepted, Includiing being hand written on a sheet of paper is acceptable. The driving log must, at a minimum, show the dates of each practice drive, the number of hours/minutes of each drive, and a designation when a practice drive was at night.
All drivers:
  • Your vehicle must have a working horn.
  • All of your vehicle’s lights must work.
  • Have a valid physical copy of your Vehicle's current registration
  • Have Current Insurance Proof (physical or digital proofs are accepted)
  • Do not bring children or pets on the day of your test.
  • You must be on time or you will not be tested.
  • You must have a copy of your plastic driver’s license or picture ID with paper license - for CDLs only.
  • For CDL TEST:We must have a copy of your T.I.P. (Temporary Instruction Permit)
  • For CDL TEST:A copy of the registration and insurance for the trailer (if applicable)
*All CDL. drivers should read sections 11, 12 and 13 in your manual. You may use the pre-trip memory aid located in the back of the CDL manual and a pencil during the test.
Motorcycle drivers:
  • You will need to bring a valid T.I.P with the motorcycle endorsement on it.
  • The bike must be road worthy.
  • You must have a D.O.T. approved helmet.
  • You must bring a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and registration for the motorcycle you are going to use.
*We test motorcycles at the Ypsilanti location year around (weather permitting).
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